Automatically apply any rhinomaterial to each of all the layers and copy the speciffic layername to each of those Materials?

Hey guys. I want to export my rhino model as .fbx to open it in 3ds max. Sadly there is not any layer exported just material. My model has over 200 layers and layer names change through the building process. So I wish I could automatically apply a rhinomaterial to all of the layers when the modell it ready for the export. It’s fine if the Material is just colorbased, it only needs to copy the layers name it applies to.

Is there already a solution for this? Or can someone help me with this?

Does the SynchronizeRenderColors command help any?

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Thanks. This could be the first step. If it would also copy the name of the layer (see in the image) as name of the material. We’d be done :clap:

Here is a script that basically does what the SynchronizeRenderColors command does.

You should be able to modify the script to set the material name to the layer name, in addition to setting the material color to the layer color.

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works just perfectly! Thanks a lot!