Automatic SoftEditSrf

question4forum.3dm (1.6 MB)

I’m learning grasshopper, and I am attempting to make use the SoftEditSrf function on the surface i have attached, such that:

1:The displacement vertices are projected from the point at 2,2,1.5.
2:The displacement U V base values decrease the further along x (so lets say U=5 V=5) at the first bulge above the point, but then is 3 and 3 at the end.
3:The vertices are further from the srf the further along the x axis we go.

I can do 1 surface at a time using the softeditsrf function in rhino, but Im trying to make a rhino script with the sliders corresponding to the conditions with sliders to adjust it.

I think the point on the curve from which the surface needs to be determined by some sort of check, that checks whether this part of the surface has already been displaced, so if I have a few bulges already, grasshopper checks where the surface hasnt been displaced yet, and then puts the reference point in that space.

Sorry if I cant express the question clearly, I am aware I may have used the terms incorrectly, but hopefully my drawing makes a little more sense.