Automatic select item from list

Hi everyone. I have a 3 list of Breps containing 2000 to 4320 individual breps each. I need to automatically output one brep item from each list at a time and pass it to Move to the origin and Rotate and finally through the Honeybee Daylight simulation. Does anyone know how to approach this problem?

you can write in a c# component something like this

// template stuff above... not shown here
private void RunScript(List<object> x, ref object A)
  A = x[i];
// <custom additional code>
private int i = 0;
// </custom additional code>

put the list into x and link a timer to this component
at each time interval, it should return the next item of the list
try it on small sample list first. that ladybug stuff may take a while…

Got it. Thanks. I prob will implement a max threshold to i too just in case it runs forever lol.