Automatic render mesh creation in wireframe mode with 3DxWare

This was an issue in Rhino 5 in 2013 and had since been fixed, but it occurs in 6.


  • Display mode is wireframe.
  • View of active viewport is not normal to the CPlane. (Click-and-drag right mouse button is RotateView, not Pan.)
  • In the 3DxWare context menu in Rhino, Rotation Center is set to Auto.
  • Breps or extrusions are created or modified.

Render meshes for the new/modified objects are automatically created.

Rhino 6.0.16124.12581, 5/3/16
Windows 7 Professional SP 1
Quadro K3000M with 361.80
SpaceNavigator with 3DxWare 10.4.2

Thank you,

Thanks for the report Steve. I found the original bug report and added to it hereā€¦