Automatic plant calculation for landscape planting documentation

Hi all,
I am currently writing a scriptplant calculation (11.5 KB) in grasshopper to easily calculate plant numbers in a certain area when doing the planting documentation in Autocad. I used specific plant spacing distance as an input and transform it into density using this expression: Formula: 400mm spacing = 1/(0.4 x 0.4) = 6.25 per m2.

I imported the AutoCAD file which has a certain planting area to Rhino and uses the closed curve to generate area and then tagged them with plant numbers.

All you need to do is just choose a different plant and its planting spacing and the area curve, it will calculate how many plants are planted in this area and tag them.
However, I have to manually put the planting data in the value list so I can link the plant to its spacing, which I have them in my excel file. But I have to export it as a text and replace the space to “=” so it can fit the value list format. I wonder if someone can makes it easier.Maybe directly import excel file to grasshopper and generate a value list???!

plant calculation.3dm (2.1 MB)
plant list.txt (147 Bytes)
The Rhino file which cad imported here is below:

plant calculation.3dm (2.1 MB)

Also with the tagging: I know 3d tag command can change the tag font and scale, but I would like to generate from grasshopper a leader with plant name and number like the image above. Is that possible??