Automatic near/far view clip gone haywire

Never had this happen before:

It’s just an 8m long hull part, nothing special.

If I export the part to a STEP file and then re-import it, or just open the file alone, the same thing happens (no, I can’t post it publicly).

What can be done?

What happens if you run SelBadObjects?
If you run Zoom Extents, does it Zoom you a long way from the part?

I suspect if you run Camera in the perspective view and turn it on, in the other viewports you’ll find it’s nearly flat instead of pyrimid shaped.

Our hands are really tied without an example that has this problem.

SelBadObjects does indeed select that object…

Zoom extents and all camera viewports behave normally, though (until you zoom in super close).

I’ve uploaded the file via the Rhino upload and referenced this thread (although I fixed the small gaps already, but hopefully you can try to zoom in on some of the smaller surfaces that exists in the model and see how it behaves).

It’s pretty easy to fix.
The steps are described in the FAQ article about Bad Objects.

For this case, they are as follows:

  1. ExtractBadSrf
  2. Zoom Selected
  3. Invert the selection
  4. Hide everything else. This isolates the bad surface.
  5. Untrim the border of the bad surface
  6. Delete the extracted curve
  7. Join the surface back into the polysurface

Ok, so I had quite an ordeal because even the re-trims created bad surfaces… anyway, it’s all fixed now, but I can’t say that I’ve noticed much improvement in the automatic near/far clip planes.

I feel that it’s still very unreliable when you zoom in to millimeter sizes on an 8m long part using a 3dConnexion Space Navigator.

I wonder if it’s that blue little target for the 3D mouse that still clips through the geometry and thus makes you zoom wildly around the place by mistake? (Although, this is perhaps a separate issue.)

Turns out that bad objects weren’t the culprit, but rather something that Shrink Trimmed Surfaces managed to fix:

The clip planes now behave like normal.

(EDIT: I now see that zoom extents behaved normally when I reported in this thread, which I bet it did at one point. I’ve been continuously importing objects, and I still don’t know what objects caused these issues.)