Automatic layer organizer

Aaahhhhh, I can name it. That opens a whole new world of possibilities with a number if things I’ve been wanting to do.

Thank you, as always!


99% working! And not to make this something you spend anymore time on (seriously) but interesting that the “Distance 3” line doesn’t work still. I also tried “_Distance= 3” with no luck. Hmmm.

And BTW, yes, I will have to start diving into Scripts soon.Will be nice to also not have the screen reset a bunch of times during the process it’s working on - I believe that Scripts are better in that way, yes?



You could always throw in a screen redraw off and on again in the macro. See SetRedrawOn.

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I’ll try that. I thought that was for when the whole screen goes blinky or something. Will def try it and update for those interested.


Yes, thanks, Wim. Work smoother now. Ahhhhh

In caes people are following this, I’ve updated Pascal’s Macro with an additional line that sends the Original Crv to a specific Layer (in my case, “Ultra” which gives my crv a settings of Continuous Line and Line Width of .70mm (That way even if you mistakenly create the line on another layer, it will shove it onto your correct layer for Finished/Skinned Walls)

Hope it’s of help to someone out there! And if any of the pros (hello, Pascal and Wim!) please feel free to clean up my macro-ing. And BTW - I think I figured out that the SetReDraw off makes it so you can’t see the line indicating which direction the OffSetCrv is going to happen - sort of weird without seeing it, so I don’t have ReDraw in there - but I guess could tech put it part way through the Macro…

! -_ChangeLayer “Ultra”
-_Copy _Pause _InPlace _SelNone _SelLast _Offset _Cap=_Flat
_Distance 3 _Pause _Pause _Enter
_Selnone _Sellast _SetObjectName “Temp”
-Hatch Pause Enter Pattern “ansi31” Enter
_SelNone _SelLast
-_ChangeLayer “Hatch Wall”
_SelNone _-SelName “Temp” _Delete
_SelNone _SelLast