Automatic Layer Change...possible?

Morning all,

Just out of interest does anyone know of a command/tool to enable current layer to change upon selection of an object?
Eg. Layer A, Layer B, Layer C. When clicking an object located in Layer A, the current layer will change to Layer A and so on.
If such functionality could be turned on/off would be great.

Are there others who could benefit from this?


I think you’re describing MatchObjectLayer:

Hi John,

Is there a way to make this automatic?
For example, when I select the object the layer changes at that time?

Try the right-click of the next icon over to the right in the same toolbar - Set Current Layer To Object

Hmmmm…eg. I have two layers and two objects. If current layer is set to layer two…when I select an object on layer 1 the current layer will automatically change to layer one.

That toolbar is full of little variations on switching and setting layers.
Poke around a bit and see if you find what you’re looking for.

Thanks John,

I have had a look around. I was hoping there might be some functionality which would automatically change current layer when an object is selected without needing to go to a toolbar etc.

You would have to start a command first.
Otherwise, you would completely break the object pre-selection tool that works with a huge number of tools.

Ahhhh sure sure.
Thanks for that John. Yes, as is normally the case, something that could appear to be simple is more often than not, not.