Automatic full screen mode...?


Is it possible to have Rhino always starting in full screen mode - and not having to press the “full screen arrows” every time?


I’ve looked at this a little and it is trickier than it seems. Doing this will interfere with the crash reporter dialog and the new version dialog that can also appear when Rhino first starts. I’ll log this as a request to look at later.

Ok, thanks Marlin!


There´s a system-wide shortcut [cmd] – [ctrl] – [F]

I know this is an old thread, but… are there any chances of making this happen (so I wouldn’t have to press ctrl + cmd + f every time)? Not a big thing, I know, but still…



Sorry, but this is not going to get attention any time soon. We are focused on adding missing functionality to the Mac version right now.

Ok, I understand. That’s perfectly all right, of course. It’s really a very minor issue.