Automatic download setting stopped working in last wip

The automatic download setting stopped working in the last wip, I noticed that there has been no update to V6 recently so I checked in Rhino settings and Rhino reports updates not available, but usage and statics is checked and I see I can download a wip manually so is this broke or–?

Just download the 31st August one and install it manually. That will probably be enough to get it going again.

Hi wim, I understand that I can just download it that was not the point of the post, the point of the post is to let the developers know it’s not working? This is a bug and should be fixed.

Hi Roland,
Yes i understand but when you manually install the new version, the auto-update will work again. (Or at least chances are good that it will). We’ve seen this happening once in a while over the last years and it doesn’t look like it’s easy to trigger. The pile of things to fix is rather large and this issue is easily taken care of. I don’t know. …

Hi Roland,

If your computer is still in a state where Rhino doesn’t update, please do the following:

  1. Start Rhino WIP
  2. From the Tools menu, click Check for Updates
  3. Click the “Check Now…” link

Paste the URL of the page that opens in your web browser here.