Automatic CPlan import using C#


I am struggling with a task I need to make automatic.
My final goal is to have a script that can automize the writing of robotic programs from the 3D model of an assembly.
This assembly is made up of different parts (exported from solidworks) that the robot needs to grab and place on the assembly.
Therfore, I need to know the position and orientation of the part on the assembly.
To do that, I set up a CPlan on every single part model, and then import them on the assembly file. Given the exporting method from solidworks, parts positioned themselves automatically on the assembly. However, CPlans do not follow (I need to use import from file function).
I would like to make this automatic when the 3D model is imported. Is that possible using C# scripting?

Moreover, I need to record the sequence with which parts are imported. I’ve tried using C# scripts, and managed to keep track of RhinoObjects added to the scene using RhinoObjectEventArgs, but I end up with too much information since I only need the name of the object. I am not a professionnal of programming so I might do things wrong.

Can someone tell me if what I plan to do is doeable, and give me tips to achieve this?
Many thanks.