Automatic box/smooth mode toggle when dragging SubD grips

After switching from box mode to smooth mode or vice versa, the first time you drag a SubD grip there is an automatic smooth/boxmode toggle while dragging the grip (only once) .
I suppose this is unintended, but sometimes I really like it that this occurs!

Maybe it would be nice to have control over this behaviour, something like pressing a key while dragging.

Hi Erik - I see this thanks.

RH-63832 Display: Sub D box mode change lag

Are you saying there are cases where you’d like to see the box mode while you drag a point but not otherwise? Can you explain a bit what that would do for you?


It gives me better understanding about what happens while dragging a grip, because boxmode gives me a better idea of the lay-out of the subd then smooth mode. I find it a bit hard to explain, but by accident i found that I like this unintended toggle, just by experience. I do not always want this to happen when modifiyng Subd objects, but sometimes I really like it.

You can toggle between flat and smooth while dragging SubD objects if you set '_SubDDisplayToggle as a keyboard shortcut.

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I will test that tomorrow! Sounds perfect, thank you.

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When I use a keyboard shortcut to toggle the SubD display while dragging a subD grip, the grip moves to the location it had at the start, and it cannot be moved anymore, until the mouse button has been released. Strange behaviour.
Anyway, it is no big deal, I can use Tab key while pausing the dragging. But then the SubD display toggle lag is annoying instead of nice to have. When this bug (?) has been solved, I will bring this up again.
Thanks for your help.

The first flat_smotth change is done with TAB.

The others while dragging with a keyboard shortcut

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Same thing here.