Automated Layout Grid


Needing a layout grid for a project that I’m working on. I need it to have exact unit intervals between the grid, so I’ve been using the Parameter Rectangular Grid function and the Sequence function, but this isn’t exactly easy to modify. I was wondering if anyone had a solution for this that was a bit easier to interface with (for example just inputting a required grid spacing as actual values, like 3, 3, 1.5 in the x and 6, 6, 1.5 in the y)?

Screenshots of my current script are below.

here’s is a screenshot of I would do it, many components could be deleted by using entwine, but I went for clarity:

this creates points (white), lines (blue), and rectangle cells

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this is MUCH smarter than mine :+1:

i learned a new method of doing it from your code … @inno

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