Automate tsExtrude using RhinoCommon


I’m fairly new to Rhinocommon, and was looking at automating some of my tsplines commands with C# in Visual Studio. In particular, I would like to start with a single row of tsplines panes, and extrude the top edge up ‘n’ times by a fixed distance (I figure if I can do this in front of a scanned mesh with retopo switched on, I can have a smooth tsplines object that represents scanned data, without crashing rhino, or going mad with constantly extruding edges). However, tsExtrude doesn’t take any parameters in the Rhino command line, and the Rhinocommon API doesn’t give me the guts of Tsplines commands.

Has anyone tried something similar?

This is true because T-Splines is an Autodesk product, not a McNeel product.

There may be ways to automate T-Splines. But you will need to check with them to find out what is possible.