Automate slider or gene pool

Hello to all
I need to automate an slider or a gene pool,
similar as Galapagos does it or others plugins.

where should I start?
thanks in advance

What programming language are you working in?

C# - Visual Studio

Do you want to create a UI for this as well, or is it just a bit of code that gets triggered, runs and then silently completes?

UI as well.
similar as Galapagos

Will take me a while to come up with an example.

See attached cs class. Hope it can get you started.

Gripoff.cs (4.7 KB)

My test file for this: (16.2 KB)

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Very useful for getting started. Thanks2

// Rolf

thank you very much!
yes for shure!.

You might also want to check out FrOG (Framework for Optimization in Grasshopper), on GitHub:

It’s an open-source optimization tool for Grasshopper, and works with sliders and genepools.
Grasshopper_InOut has all the code related to that.

thank you, @ParamDesSing
I will have a look.