Automate Post-Beam structure


I’m currently trying to create a double story walkway through a site for a project. I could use rhino, but the manual nature of it would mean it would take many hours. I wish to know if theres a way to automate the process in grasshopper by taking the structural members and roof+floor surfaces I have shown in my diagram and ‘apply’ it to the meandering curve I have shown. The curve will be the floorplan of the walkway.

Is there a way to somehow list the components of my structure and then algorythmically apply the various elements of my structure to the path of the walkway, and create a 3D model of the structure? Like, create a logic to which my base components can ‘build’ upon a desired curve/pathway through some sort of automation.

Please feel free to ask more questions, I’m not entirely sure how I should word this question.

Yes I am all most positive that it is possible. Likely you would use the orient object tools that are in the Gh toolbar. If the parts don’t change I would draft up the Diagram and put that geometry into the Geometry parameter so that you don’t have to make that from scratch. If you were to make your geometry from scratch, that is possible to it will just take more time. I have/am making a number of grasshopper algorithms for timber frame construction (Company property so I can’t share them). It would be interesting to see what you come up with! Hopefuly that was helpful. :slightly_smiling_face: