AutoCAD Export Scheme - Project to CPlane - default to World Top cplane

It would be useful when exporting dwg/dxf if the export scheme settings could provide an option to make the default Cplane as World Top rather than using the current Cplane - it may cause unexpected shifts of the model when if one forgets about it (or so I’ve heard…)

Perhaps a list of named Cplanes in the model to choose from (by default or in the “Export-time”) might be good as well?


I fear that has the potential of unintended consequences creating more confusion than it solves.

The solution here would be to use RemapCplane before you export, so you can verify you are exporting what you need.

I think that’s a valid concern, but perhaps it could be added as another option on that list list (e.g. “World CPlane”) rather than modyfying the existing “CPlane” option? That way it would still preserve the old behaviour and allow for other uses?

Projecting drawings when exporting helps a lot when opened in AutoCAD to make operations on lines work (extending, filleting etc.)