Auto-viewcapture all views to JPEG file

Hi all,

I have done a script to export all views to JPEG file.
It works in Rhino5, but for some reason it doesn’t work in Rhino6…
Does anyone know why?
Thanks for any suggestion, (811 Bytes)

try this (raw string):
path = r"D:\image\{n}.jpg".format(n=n)
or this (escape the ‘\’):
path = "D:\\image\\{n}.jpg".format(n=n)

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I see… for the format I should not use string to assign, thanks axa,

I found that there is a bug in my script…some views has been overwrited…which means, the image it saves is not exactly the view with the same name I saved in Rhino…I have no idea why, it is fine if I have just 4 or 5 views saved in Rhino. But it went wrong when I have a lots of views… :sweat:
I guess it could be something wrong with the for loop. (820 Bytes)