Auto Select After Creation - Posisble as Preference?

title says it all - from drawing a simple line curve, to DupEdge command, I’d like to be able to set Rhino (5 at the moment) to automatically select the last thing I created.

As always, if this is a simple preference in Tools that I’ve somehow glossed over, apologies for the daft Q.

Hi Alan - SelLast does this. (I put it in Options > General > ‘Show these commands at the top of the menu’, not quite ‘auto’ but that way I can get it from the command area right click menu. If you want it done automatically all the time… you’ll need to make some macros.


Copy that…off to learn Macros!

Nice, thanks Pascal.

For others needing this little Macro, here’s Offset (Curve) &Select Result…(BTW, took me a while to figure out that the secret to giving time and executing correctly between the commands requires a “Double-Pause” command. Whew.)

_Offset _Pause _Pause _Enter
_Selnone _Sellast