Auto save on by default?

I was just using V6 when l the whole computer locked, and I had to force a complete shutdown.
When I restarted, there was no crash dump file.
I looked to see if there was a auto save file, but the last one was from a year or so ago.
So I looked to see if auto save was in fact on, and it wasn’t.
So I turned it on, and entered. 20 mins for the time.

And then I thought we’ll surely it should be on by default, so I to check I reset the dialog to the defaults, and it kept the auto save entry checked, with 20 mins as the time. I know it reset, since it changed the template location to the standard location…
So is that just a coincidence I set it to 20 mins, or is that really the default?

I just think it’s probably a good idea when using a wip that it is enabled…?

I was able to “save” my work by taking screen shots with my phone while I waited for the computer to unfreeze…


Hi Tony - I believe Autosave is on by default in a new installation of V6, It does default to 20 minutes.