Auto save in different versions


I am currently working in a company with different versions of Rhino (5 and 7). I would like when saving a document, Rhino 7 also saves a Rhino 5 version of that file.
Do you know of a plugin to do this?


You could probably do that with a fairly simple command macro assigned to a button.

You would need to be careful to NOT use newer modeling tools that create data V5 exporting will strip out.

Hello @John_Brock
Yes, I’m experimenting with the command:
-SaveAs Version=5 "Documents/filename (V5).3dm".

The probléme here is that this command set the active document to this saved file.

Is there a way for the SaveAs command to save a copy?

I think Export may work better in this case than SaveAs.

Sorry, I’m wrong.
The command -SaveAs Version=5 "Documents/filename (V5).3dm". saves a copy.
(I only wrote -Save and not -SaveAs)