Auto points on curves changing display?

When I select curves it automatically shows me points. If I then click on a different curve, it shows me the original points plus the new points. But what’s realy got me is all my curves go to a dotted line as in the picture below. Is this suppose to happen? This is a new file, I just created some text and exploded it into curves. Nothing special here.

@pascal is seeing this on his computer too and I haven’t been able to repeat this on any of my development boxes. We’re trying to figure out if this is some weird driver related issue or a bug in the display code.

Here is my video card information according to Rhino WIP 6. Maybe it will help with something. If I turn off “Use accelerated hardware modes” it doesn’t do it to me anymore.

Did you recently upgrade to Windows 10? If so, did you update your video driver after the upgrade?

This is my work computer, still on windows 7. I am looking to see if there is a newer driver for my card right now.

Edit: I do have the most current driver installed from AMD.

When I get home I’m going to check and see if it does this same thing on my Laptop which uses a Quadro K2000M.

Mine is also AMD, and, @stevebaer, I updated the drivers and there is no change.


I have an idea of something to try. I’ll check in some changes so you can test this out on Monday.

This should be fixed in the new WIP release

I was getting this on Windows 7 with an NVIDIA Quadro K2000 as well, do you know if the fix should work for it, too? I had to turn off the auto points-on because of it.

Another control point issue I’m having is shown below, some control points get drawn strangely while editing, see points with blue arrows. It happens occasionally and intermittently, couldn’t find a pattern for it, know that’s not so helpful…

I’m only guessing, but I think this fix will work across all cards.

This one is on my list to fix.

The display code is going through a bunch of changes right now which is why these little bugs are cropping up. Thanks for reporting them.

Thanks, Steve.