Auto-link to command helpfiles

Hi (@Brian I guess)

In replies I find myself linking to the online helpfiles quite a lot.
As Discourse has the feature of auto suggesting @username links, I was wondering how hard it would be to create a customized database and linksystem for linking to command helpfiles.

I wonder if a special format would be needed or maybe it is possible to auto-recognize and suggest linkage; typing a known commandname would pop-up the suggestion of linkage to the helpfile to easily create replies like so:

Try and Join the surfaces first. Then try and run Contour with the spacing you want.
Next you can CurveBoolean the sections to create…

I often type the command with underscore for international compatibility (like so _OffsetMesh) maybe that could be a formatting to trigger auto-suggestion.

my 2c

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Wow, that would be really cool. I have no idea how we would do such a thing.

@sam, if there were a 1:1 mapping between tokens and a URL, would it be possible to auto-link those tokens when a post was saved to Discourse?

Brian Gillespie

I want to know about this subject, too. I think it would be useful for support in general.