Auto highlighting missing


I have a complex animation and if I want to check the place of an object within the animation structure than I miss a mark or highlight of the current selected object. At my screenshot I selected object “Klappe gross” but where is it placed at the Bongo tree?



I guess the object ‘Klappe gross’ is child (or grandchild) of some other object. You can open the Hierarchy tree in the Animation manager to get an overview: right mouse click on “Animated Objects”.
It will probably show ‘Klappe gross’.

In the KeyframeEditor the objects appear regardless of their position in the Hierarchy.


Hi Luc,

I tested the “expand all” and in the moment if I click on “Animated objects” my selection at the viewport get lost. I need to select the object again to see it marked on the tree.
Also I don’t like to see so much of the structure. Here an example where I was looking where “Group33” is located. Later I need manual to close the tree structure, if want get back the compact look.

My wish would be that only a makers shows where the object is contained. Here a raw example:

The visual feedback is focused to the needed information without additional clicks. Could be nice to get this functionality.

Hi Micha,

That all makes sense. I logged a request for this feature here.

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