Auto hiding of layer pop up box

Whenever I make changes to a layer I use the handy pop up box from the top bar. After finishing one command the box instantly disappears. Thats quite annoying when you try do do more edits in a row.

Could it be like the box is visible until clicking somewhere else in the working area? I would love this.

Thanks for considering.


You can have the layers “always-on” in the right sidebar… --Mitch

sure, but the pop up box is a great space saver, especially on a laptop screen. It’s just hiding too quickly.

Not sure what’s happening, but my pop-up layers panel stays put. I click in red square to activate pop-ul Layers panel.

What you describe is actually how popover panels are supposed to work. Dismissing the popover merely by leaving the popover was an experiment. I agree that, although instant dismissal might work for very simple panels, it is not helpful with Rhino’s more complicated panels. Starting with the next WIP release, popovers will no longer disappear merely by moving the cursor off of them.

We are talking only about panels like these. These are called popovers by Apple and in Rhino are activated by a button in the toolbar.

Thanks Marlin, Maybe helpful to have some of the other Dialog Panel options available as popovers if they are going to be accessible for longer than they are now. Would this be something that a person could put a time-limit on in Preferences?

I have to get my UI / Apple / Rhino termenology correct :confused:

should the ToggleOsnapPanelUnderCursor still auto-dissappear?. i’m pretty sure i mostly use the toggle (thumb) button to close it but not always… idk, just thinking out loud… i don’t think it would be detrimental if it was toggle only (along with red close button).

Yes, when the Osnap panel appears under the cursor, it is not a popover window, so it will still disappear when you move of the window.

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