Auto-generate Make 2D from Named Position and write to new .3dm file


After making a Named Position, I’d like to:

  1. Select objects of that Named Position
  2. Set View to Isometric SW
  3. Run Make 2D command (with Projection set to View, Object Properties set to From Input Layers and Group Output checked)
  4. Take the results of the above and run Bounding Box, with Coordinate System set to CPlane and Output set to Curves.
  5. Transform the results of the above from the Seam of the bounding box curve (the bottom left) to (0,0,0).
  6. Take the results of above and either write a new .3dm file (with file name = Named Position name) or insert it in another existing .3dm file.

Even if this could be done via Grasshopper I would prefer a solution where I could run this sequence of operations from within Rhino.

If you’re reading this and are a C# developer I’d be interested to speak. I’d like for the above to be made into a command and be part of a compiled .rhp that we will build more commands for over time.



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Hi @lignindes,

What you describe seems like it could be scripting using a Python script. Have you tried?

– Dale


I haven’t tried with Python. My ultimate goal is to have a .rhp developed in C# that will have a number of commands, with this being one of the first. I was hoping that I would have time to get into this myself, but have project work that is keeping me busy. I will move this post over the the job board to see if I can find a developer for hire.



Hello sir!
Hope you’re doing good.

Please reach me out at or skype me at live: luis_18439.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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