Auto CPlane doesn’t work with Polygonal_Model

Even though the gumball sticks to it when I ctl/shift, something as simple as drawing a 2 point rectangle draws completely past the object.

Rhino Help AutoAlignCPlane

“…aligns with the selected curve, surface, or sub-surface…”

I guess AutoAlignCPlane is not interacting with meshes / mesh faces.

my first gues was wrong
it works here Rhino WIP, on a simple _meshBox

refering to this topic

it should also work with mesh faces.

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Hi Dale -
If you could export the mesh that misbehaves, I will add that to RH-78462 CPlane: AutoAlign: Ngon failure sample

Mesh ngons needed handled specially. I put in a fix for it yesterday and it should be resolved in SR 2.

RH-78462 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 2 Release Candidate

Thank you guys.

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