Auto CPlane does not seem to work with mesh edges or faces

Am I doing something wrong or does the Auto CPlane option currently ignore meshes?

PS: It might be that my ngon mesh faces aren’t 100 % planar …

Could it be improved so Auto CPlane snaps to meshes, faces and their edges when selected with Control+Shift+LMB?

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The AutoCPlane aligns to mesh faces but not mesh edges. Mesh edges are line curves which you can’t really make a sensible plane from.

Can I get an example of what the AutoCPlane isn’t aligning to and what you expect the alignment to be?

Interesting. I can select a mesh edge and use the command CPlane, Object and I get a CPlane aligned to the edge with its X-axis.

The file contains a surface, a mesh with two maybe problematic quad faces and a mesh with a single triangular face. And a line…

Auto CPlane only works with the surface. It would be interesting to get a perp frame on a line, even on a curve this would be really useful…

auto_cplane_problems.3dm (60.6 KB)

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Im having the same issues…

Hi Martin -

That seems to work fine with the triangular face in the current version here.

It looks like there is some issue with that specific mesh, yes. I wasn’t able to reproduce this with a Ngon mesh that I created myself but I’ve put this failure case on the list as RH-78462 CPlane: AutoAlign: Ngon failure sample

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RH-78462 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 2 Release Candidate

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