Auto Check Script Version

Looking for ideas how to implement this on our local server. I would like to incorporate a version check when scripts are run, to keep everyone on the latest version.

One thought I had was a master list on the server. I could have the script update the list when the version changes.



Hi Don,

Throw them up on GitHub. This way, you have version control and always getting the latest and greatest. You can also make branches for the different version of Rhino.

– Dale

That’s probably overkill for what I’m thinking, but I will look into it.

Hi Don,

Would a script at startup suffice?
How much data would be on the server?

You could run a script at startup to copy and overwrite all local files.
Or if the copying takes too long, a more advanced check for changed files only.

I have found myself looking for advanced solutions, where in the end something as crude as just delete everything and copy from source was quick enough to not be annoying.


I’m going to agree with Dale, github is a really good way to solve this. We can probably write some tools to make this easy. You shouldn’t even have to learn git.

@stevebaer That certainly sounds intriguing.

I haven’t figured github out yet, so I don’t have any idea how that might work.