Author ticket

Where is Author ticket? And is the direct embed ticket author or standard ticket?

The author ticket is used on the platform in the Edit mode. It lets the model owner overwrite default settings of the viewer and model parameters. It is not given explicitly on the model page because we didn’t see any use for it besides the platform itself. The model page gives only the standard ticket.

What are you trying to do with the author ticket? Are you sure you need to use it? In any case, you can find it by opening the model Edit mode and inspecting the frame source: right-click on the parameter widget → View frame source and look for the ticket towards the bottom of the page.

Using this ticket, you are allowed to use some additional API functions such as saveSettingsAsync().

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@Jonas-Blazinskas we strongly suggest that you do not use author tickets for publicly accessible web applications.

Well I assume I can use it to set up the model how I want which is scalable to multiple models achieving unified look for a fraction of effort and if I ever change my mind on lets say background colour we could just change one value in our database and all our models would follow if we had all their author tickets?