Audit command


I still use the V 4.0 and I have some files containing curves which are originally fonts and I need to know if is a way to know what fonts are used in those files.
The audit command give only a generic name

Many thanks

You will get more detailed info including font names with the Audit3dm command.

However - if the text blocks used to make the fonts were exploded into curves, or if the fonts were used to create curve geometry directly with the TextObject command, the fonts will most likely not be listed. If there is no longer any text in that file that uses that font, it was most likely purged from the Font table.


Hi Mitch,

I was thinking all is already lost by converting everything in curves, but I maybe I missed something.
Thanks anyway for spending time to have a look on this and reply.


You could try one of the many “find out what font is used here”-websites - I’ve previously used with succes.

HTH, Jakob