Audit cleaning

I have a mid-sized file with one title block as a referenced file, and several internal blocks.

Audit finds the following issues: “Object should not be on a reference layer”.

How do I figure out what object(s) are causing the problems to fix them?

Audit text file attached.


rhino_audit.txt (1.9 KB)

Hi Matt - is there a symptom other than the Audit report that something is wrong with the file? If so, what?


Hi Pascal,

The file is crashing a lot, but honestly this is likely due to the computer and not Rhino.

However, it is the same file as post 8934, for which I just emailed you the file. Perhaps they are related, but it doesn’t seem like the same issue. I was looking for ways to clean the file to try to make sure.

Thank you,

Hi Matt-
Are you sending in crash reports from the McNeel crash report thing that (I hope) pops up when Rhino crashes? If not, please do, those are the best bet at tracking down the problem. Needless to say, update video drivers…


My audit shows the same thing. How do I repair the error? There doesn’t seem to be a repair option in the audit command or error dialog.