Audi a7 modeling tutorial in rhino7

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Good morning all
I end this job.
I promised to post it a long time ago
these screenshots show the final model of the car.

this work was also training for me.
I was a little hesitant to post it at first.
be tolerant if you find it contains poor modeling approaches or minor editing flaws.
I did my best to make it useful and easy to understand for everyone.

in total I recorded about 100 hours of modeling.
after editing I was able to reduce the duration of the tutorial to around 30 hours

I’m sharing the first video for free so you can get an idea of ​​what the tutorial looks like.

next week I share part of the 3d model

and the tutorial links on gumroad as soon as it is ready on the site


awesome!! Great work!!


Very well done! Congratulations for the effort you put into this project! :slight_smile:

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Purchased, looking forward to going through your tutorial!

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Thanks, that makes me happy.
If you have any questions you can write to me privately.

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Fantastic work
How long did it take you in total ?

thank you!
In total about 100 hours or a little more, I worked on two different computers.
The modeling was recorded on intermittent periods, It was according to my free time.

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Great job. I Like Your Work Methodoiogy

Hi Fares,

I purchased yesterday this tutorial on Gumroad. There is valuable knowledge in your videos, thankful to learn from them. I am pretty new to rhino so there will be few questions coming up during the modelling process and here is the first one!

How can I achieve that “Chrome silver” shader you have while modelling in shaded mode? Looks neat and its perfect to distinguish surface imperfections.

Thank you,