Attribute User Text Functions - Page Name?

Is there no more “Page Name” function in Rhino 7?

Hi Martin -

Yes, there is:

This is considered to be a document property - not an object property - and it can be accessed with a text field or using document user text.

Thanks for the clarification.

I recently tried to help in this topic and was confused because in Rhino 6 PageName was available as Attribute User Text and it is no more in Rhino 7 but that’s ok

@martinsiegrist as Wim said it’s been removed from object attributes… you can technically still manually type in the function in the attribute value but its stripped from function dialog. v7 now has a layout user text panel so that these calls can live directly on the layout where they really belong. This is the best place to add this data, or on the document text level as Wim mentioned since objects can bounce from document to document and these functions become broken. A little confusing at first but hopefully better house keeping in the end. If it turns out that it was a bad idea just shout and we can reconsider putting some of those document level items back in the attributes dialog.

Thanks Travis.

I’ve tested one of my more complicated definitions with layouts and a few user text functions and it seems to work.

@martinsiegrist good news! If you find that one from v6 is now broken in v7 let me know and I’ll make sure it starts working again. You shouldnt have to change any old templates you made in v6 for v7.

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