Attribute Problem (Bug)

Hi @fsalla,

Attribute settings shown in the image.
Please test if you have the same problem.
They don’t match.

Many other problems too… Huh…

@ARCHHOLIC, when you choose the “fixed cell size” as the division type of a curtain wall style, the dimensions of the curtain wall object (in width and height) might not be multiple of the curtain wall style cell size, and for that reason there is always a “residual” part. (That can be extended or trimmed, as you can see in the “Fit endings” option). The alignment will also determine the appearance of the cell distribution in each curtain wall in the model.

Also take into account that the preview of the curtain wall in the styles dialog takes some default dimensions, which are not the same as the dimensions of the curtain wall in the model, and therefore the apperance might vary.

Could you produce 3D object of this?

3’ is the door dimension.

@ARCHHOLIC you could create this door using a curtain wall style (find attached the .val that you can import with the _vaImportStyles command) or a door created with the Grasshopper styles (VA objects created from Grasshopper definitions, in VA 2 version). Custom C.Wall (7.3 KB)

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