Attribute from Block Instance

I am currently trying to extract attributes of multible instances of a block (over 500 instances).
The attribute I am interested in is called “HOEHE” meaning hight in german. Each instance is a point of messurment from a land surveyor. I was able to extract the x and y coordinates of each block in grasshopper. I now need to extract the z value (HOEHE). Then i would be able to use it to create a xyz text file for further use.
If i select one instance i can read the hight that is listed under HOEHE. If i select multiple it just says varies…
Does anybode have an idea how to get to all hights at the same time?
Thanks in advance

What os mac are you on? This is pretty easy to do via grasshopper with the Elefront plugin. Its not supported on mac but i just tested on Monterey and working as expected, although it’s safe to assume some aspects might not. (10.8 KB)

Yeah that works perfectly. I didn’t try Elefront since i thought it wouldn’t work on mac. but like you said no issues so far.
That was a great help Thank you :slight_smile:

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