Attrcator Point

Good afternoon
I am pretty new working with grasshopper command. This is what I have done so far. Can anyone help me or direct me on how to do the variations (attractors point) please?

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  1. Question about attractor are quite classical and there are tons of example on this forum and on old forum So it is a good start to search on these forums.
  2. The second point is that you are encouraged to post the script with geometry (internalized geometries). There is an upload button. You will find lot of advices here :
    How to ask effective questions
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You can use a pull point/curve method.

I won’t reconstruct your code from a screen shot but you are welcome to replicate mine. :sunglasses:


My apology I didn’t if a screenshot will work or not (41.4 KB)

Are you able to understand my code, which actually works, from the screen shot alone? Or would it be more helpful to have the GH model?

Looking at your model, I don’t see an attractor point anywhere? So there is also no effort to use its location relative to grid points to affect your outcome. And it’s not clear to me at all what you want to do with it?

Thank you for responding I’m trying to do the variations in the pattern. I had set a point even with the remap command it wasn’t working

Again, I don’t see an attractor point anywhere in your code? Nor do I have the slightest clue what you mean by “the variations in the pattern”?