Attractor with sun path (Mesh)

I was developing a type of module on a surface

It moves when the sun travels through the programmed step

It closes/opens as the sun moves.

The fact is that it works for me when I use it on a surface but when I want to use the same logic on a mesh it doesn’t work the same way.
For example:

I would like the modules to be adapted to this mesh and that I could move them with the solar path.

I would like to adapt these modules to the mesh I generated in kangaroo

3ER-AVANCE_CANTEÑO_MERCADO_26.09.23-2.3dm (740.1 KB)


I was deconstructing the mesh so I could generate what I did on the flat surface now on this curved surface

3ER-AVANCE_CANTEÑO_MERCADO_26.09.23-1 Edited V0 (45.1 KB)

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I was able to do the solar path
Thank you very much for the help.