Attractor to pass a 2d pattern to 3d

Hi all;

I’ve created this pattern and make an array to explain to my son how a modular net works ( still not sure if I succeded and if he got the concept ) , and now that is done I’d like to learn how could I lift some of the points by using an attractor point as instance to lift gradually the structure and create a 3d model from this 2d matrix.
I think this exersice will help me to improve my basic GH knowledge.
I have a rough idea of how the attractor point system works by measuring the distance between a certain point and the points in a data tree, but have no idea of how to manage the points collection I have to create the same pattern I made in 2D into 3D.2d to 3d (13.5 KB)

Any help will be much appreaciated .

Thanks in advance .


3d means deforming the pattern by attractor like this?

2d to 3d (17.7 KB)

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