Attractor points in brep

I tried to make attractor points in brep - like ring.
Now i looks like this:
I want to have more points in the place where i will put point, and i need to adjust density/numbers of the points closed to my point. So something like this:

And second thing i don’t know how to mange with duplicated lines in proximity 3D, or very close lines to each other. I tried to use duplicate lines from Kangaroo, but still i get a lot of lines very close to each other.
Like here:

attractor points in (18.5 KB)

for question 1, something like this?

attractor points in (14.3 KB)

for question 2, what defines the criteria when two curves are too close?
If it is the end points, you might have to play with point density and number of points that you connect with proximity3d.
If it is the angle between 2 lines, this will more likely require some scripting, and you might end up with significatively less lines.

Anyways, let me know !

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“gradient points”

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Yes. Thank you.
I will play with your definition.