Attractor points and grids

I have a problem with attractors and grids.
I want a graph mapper to manipulate the grid via attractor point, but I don’t know hoe to connect those things. I know how to do it without the graph mapper, but not with.

posting your GH file will get you more detailed answers

something in the likes of this might work:

the general thought I follow is to always use graph mapper with default range [0,1] and remap those values to the final range only afterwards

Hey thanks for answering!
Your solution shouldn’t be possible because you remap numbers and the output is one, not a vector. That’s why I used amplitude. The group above is just for a set movement without a graph mapper (we need both).

as I said… difficult to trace pencil work on an image instead of working on a file
but you are correct: X vector must be placed after remap instead of before