Attractor curve (29.5 KB)
an1.3dm (30.5 KB)
Hi 
This is an emergency!

I am a university student studying architecture.
There are issues to be submitted before the day after tomorrow.
But I do not know how to do it.

I would like to express this using the attractor’s curve.

What should I do?

Read this post first I guess.

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i wanna like a this pictuer.

Stop panicking, it’s not helping.

Upload the gh file so we can all talk about the same thing. If your gh file also depends on curves defined in a 3dm file, then either include the 3dm file as well or internalise the curves. (29.5 KB)
an1.3dm (30.5 KB)

ok! so sorry and thank u :smile:

Is the current use of fields in that file an attempt at achieving the effect you’re after, or is it something that needs to stay in place while the additional deformation logic is added?

It is not necessary to leave it as it is.:muscle:t3:

Here’s a way to deform a grid using a guide-curve. But the deformation happens in one direction only.
deform grid by (17.6 KB)

Can’t it be like this? :sob:

PROJECT.3dm (7.6 MB)

Yes, you can adjust the amount of deformation by multiplying each motion vector with a scalar (a number in between zero and one ideally). If you multiply by zero it means the motion vector shrinks to zero, thus yielding no motion. You can generate these scalars by projecting the grid points to a linear space such as a line.

deform (22.9 KB)

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And you can even process this linear scalar using a graph, to give you more control over squishing: deform (25.9 KB)

Sorry I did not good explain.
Finaly I would like to use this grid to change that.

PROJECT.3dm (7.6 MB)