Attaching minimal surface to a curve

I was able to create a minimal surface anchored to the naked points of the mesh and a curve in Kangaroo 1 using CurvePull component. In Kangaroo 2 I’ve tried using OnCurve component but the mesh seems to slip off the curve. Am I using the wrong component?

minimal surface attached to (58.6 KB)

When using the soap film goal with the boundary vertices free to slide on a curve, you might sometimes need an additional goal to keep the boundary edges sensible lengths, to stop it sliding off like it does here.
I’ve also shown an alternative way to select the edge portions to restrain: (24.0 KB)

@DanielPiker Thanks for going to the trouble of fixing my GH file!

No problem.
By the way - your name reminded me of an interesting story about a not-quite-minimal surface, and numerical results vs proofs:

Any relation?

Interesting articles. No relation. Horgan is a common surname in Ireland and a lot of Irish ended up in America.