Attaching grasshopper script in the appendix of a report

I have used grasshopper for optimisation in a structural engineering course and want to include some summary of this in the appendix of my report. If I had used MATLAB etc I would just include the source code - is there a better way to do this is grasshopper than just taking a screenshot?

I also have used a clusters to simplify the workflow so a screenshot wouldnt capture this…I have considered just making a logic flow chart to show the operation of the script but this seems like less evidence than including the actual work I did.

You can use the Ctrl+Shift+Q shortcut to create a screenshot with a few extra elements, or use the ‘Hi-Res Image Export’ feature from the Grasshopper File menu. This latter one allows you to set the background and scaling factor, making embedding the image into a publication neater.

Thanks David. Very helpful.