Attaching Center of Mesh to Plane (Tensile Mesh)

Hello, is there a way to anchor the center of my mesh which is cut out in the middle to the plane. I am making a tent shaped kind of like a tree. The center part anchored to the plane is almost like a trunk. Everytime I attach the mesh to the anchors on the plane, the rest of the mesh behaves crazily. Please help.

Final (39.0 KB)

Hi @spencer269
You need to start with a better mesh.
This is what you have:

If you are relaxing it into a tensile surface, there’s no need to create these complex curved boundaries before relaxing - you can keep the boundary a simple polyline, and it will become curved when it relaxes.
Either design a structured quad mesh (which will also be helpful later for cutting patterns), or use TriRemesh to get similar triangle sizes.