AttachGHSData Station Spacing

@Steve I would like to attach GHS data to my hull, but when the station spacing is too great for GHS to read the model. Is there a way to define the number of stations you want and the spacing between them? When I increase the number of stations under Edit Geometry, there are a lot of stations in one three foot area, but only two for the rest of the hull. Thanks.

If you uncheck the “Refine Stations” checkbox for the shape, you should be able to define the number of stations that you want. If that doesn’t work, then I would recommend just upping the station count, click the “Create stations” button and then click the “Select Geometry…” button to set the shape “ByCurves”. Using the “ByCurves” option is the most manual technique, but gives you the opportunity to specify exactly what you want for the stations to be exported.

Thanks, Steve.