AttachGHS command unable to rename parts

I have been trying to use the -AttachGHSData command in Rhino to rename the parts that I had already defined(from the default TANKXX name). I observed that when I set the name of a part through the command line using
-AttachGHSData TankItems Edit OldTankname Name NewTankName, it doesn’t change the OldTankName to NewTankName. Also this command sometimes changes the name of some other tank to NewTankName. Has anyone here encountered the same problem, if so can you please instruct me as to how to overcome this problem?

Hi lpashwin - I understood on the chat that this was specific to the python script you were running, so I suggested as a better bet than trying to figure it out over the chat . It looks like this is in fact a problem running the command straight in Rhino with no script involved, is that correct?


Pascal that is correct! I believe that it is not the python script that is creating the problem, but the inability of Rhino to update the tank name list after the name has been updated (be it manually or using a script)

Hi Ipashwin- do the names contain spaces? If so, they need to be enclosed in “double quotes” in the macro or script. Otherwise, as far as I can see this is working here.


Well I don’t have spaces, but do you know if there are other restrictions such as should not start with a number, problems with dashes, maximum characters in the name, etc.

Hi Ipashwin I guess I’d test with straight, plain text - no special characters or anything and see if it behaves. Then we can look for the bad guys in your proposed names.


Removed dashes ‘-’ from the names and it works! Thanks a lot Pascal!