Attach object to another while bending the sides

Hi forum,

I am quite new to the program and i’ve been struggling with this problem for some time now. I wanna attach the two solid objects to each other while bending the sides. Look at the curves I have drawn in one of the pictures.

Any help will be appreciated a lot!! Thanks in advance!

You can probably

  • extrude the curves
  • extract the hole surfaces from the cylinder
  • Scale 1D those surfaces so that they extend beyond the extruded surfaces
  • Trim/split and join

Post the 3dm file if you get stuck.

Thank you! But I still can’t really figure it out. The problem is that the cylinder is connical.

Here is my file: Saxophone ligature new.3dm (203.8 KB)

I didn’t look at that newest revision that you just uploaded - I used the previous one…

I would probably use BlendSrf to make the surfaces that you are missing. While doing that, I found out that the edges of those blends will not be planar with the rest and so you should extend the conical surfaces both ways (up and down) before blending and then trim back to the correct height.

File attached:
Saxophone ligature-wrmd.3dm (231.3 KB)