Atomized Documentation!

Hi Every One,
I am relatively new in grasshopper world. and I am looking for tool which van provide me ability to mass generate documentation out of a steel structure model.
Any Ideas ?!..
Thanks a lot


what are you excactly trying to achieve? Do you want to obtain a mass of a steel structure, or create workshop / assembly drawings?

Thanks for your replay . and sorry for my late reply it was just a day off,
So, my company about to get a new project ( construction company ). the structure system is a bit complicated done on CATIA . But we are going to use Rhino instead as we can convert to Revit through Rhino inside for construction drawings.

For the question you asked, I am not sure what exactly will be needed because we have a steel subcontractor, what I am trying to do here is finding a good reference to learn about this process to get the full picture in case this documentation process will be needed…
If you can point me any topic regarding that it will be helpful.

But yes Sir, as we are a construction company the level of detail must be in highest level LOD-400 for assembly drawings

So you will work with Rhino inside Revit to create steel structure’s documentation?
I don’t have an experience with Revit, so I won’t say anything meaningful, Maybe try to ask in this thread: Revit - McNeel Forum

not a final decision to transfer it into Revit, but if I got a work flow which helps me to produce that from grasshopper directly Revit won’t be needed.
This video will explain

Cool video!

The challange is to have such tools that will allow you to create these automatic documantation, because as far as I know there is no built-in tools that will allow you to do something like this with ease. Especially if you’re gonna work on a complex steel structure models that contain different beams with cuts, plates, bolts etc. That’s why it’s so popular to model with Grasshopper and to create a documantation with external software that specializes in that.