Atomized Documentation ! _ 2

Hi Guys,
any ideas to script something like in the video in link.
name a plugin - hint of a work flow concept - refer me to a related topic
it is needed for steel structure shop drawing, Documents Mass Production.
Need Your Help Comity…
Thank You

I am at a little level (not a professional) but I went through the quite complete process.
My process is explained here.

For generation of drawing I am not expert in Layout so I used my own PDF generator.

For reference video or documentation search with keyword “Elefront” (rhino plugin) and “Morpheus” (the hotel)

Thanks a lot, and great work which you did :+1:

As long as your anchor points for the dimensions stay the same, you should be able to pull this off pretty easily using elefront. The parts that stay the same on the drawing (title block) can be imported as a block item.

thanks for replay but Any how to show me how is it possible, ( Video - topic …
i am just new

Then first step would be going through the grasshopper primer